304C Locust St.

My little posting break was thanks to a dead laptop.  I needed a new computer, and my drawing tablet is getting a little ornery in its old age, so I decided to go for a convertible tablet PC, which allows me to draw with the stylus right on the screen.  Anyway, this is my first drawing using the new setup.  It may or may not be finished.

It’s pretty exciting not to be tied to a desk anymore.  I’m sure I’ll end up drawing en plein air on mountaintops and beaches, but so far I’ve only made it to my couch.  I would say that watching Lost reruns would be an acceptable compromise, but I’m still angry about the finale.

Campbell and Cullom

Well, that was a long sick day!  Actually, it was more of a hibernation, but I’ve emerged – a little disoriented, somewhat energized, and seriously disappointed that I didn’t manage to use up the fat that I stored last fall.  In addition to the lengthening days, a series of commissions helped drag me out of my den.  This is a custom house portrait that a very sweet girl ordered as a gift for a neighbour she was leaving behind when she moved into her first house.  I love hearing the stories behind the purchases of my prints and am regularly impressed by pure thoughtfulness.  Either I have especially nice buyers, or people in general are nicer than I give them credit for (I’m betting on the former).