… takes many forms



It’s a D&H twofer! The title would make more sense if I hadn’t included that AT post yesterday, so you can just pretend that these rat posts are nice and continuous. As promised, here’s Rat-Man! And, as an extra bonus – Lab Rat! (get it?) I’m just now noticing that Lab Rat’s tail is not long enough (again, not so up on my rats). I’ve been into labyrinths, though, for years. This, here, would be your basic left-handed seven circuit classical labyrinth, accompanied by your basic first level Pac-Man screen. If you don’t believe that enlightenment can be attained through old school video games, you haven’t seen The King of Kong: Fist Full of Quarters.

the path to enlightenment


I’ve never paid that much attention to rats before, but now I find myself stationed in various pet stores for (what feels like) hours on end watching rat exploits. I’m always trying to convince Doodle that chinchillas are where it’s at, but the fact that they’re always sleeping in their little igloos is not helping my case.

When I added the extra little nose and tail to this drawing, I was reminded of the way that Pac-Man ghosts leave on one side of the screen and enter on the other. I immediately regretted not configuring my maze walls in a Pac-Man screen pattern. So, yeah, coming soon…