deep green sea, part 2

Watch out, Mr. Old School Diver! Giant squids are awesome. You don’t need me to tell you that, though. Squids are all the rage these days. Did you see that GS special on National Geographic? Woah – super exciting in a dorky scientist way (no offense, Dad). This drawing, again, is thanks to my husband, who sketched out the, um, rough version. I thought this would be an easy post for me, thanks to my helper, but it took a lot of squid research to figure out where to put those two super long tentacles (all the better to suction on to you so that I can chomp you with my beak, my dear). I still don’t know if that’s where they go. Pictures of squids tend to not make a lot of sense.

Coming on Wednesday – back to your regularly scheduled drawing! I recently got a request for more squirrels, so maybe I’ll comply.