Groundhog Day

I know.  I know what you’re thinking: “Jill, tunnels to groundhog burrows have to run sideways, obviously.  That poor groundhog is going to get snow all over his TV!”  Yeah, it’s driving me nuts, too.  “How is he even going to get out?”  Umm… a ladder?  Isn’t that what Bugs Bunny uses?  “I guess it doesn’t matter, since he’s fatter than that hole, anyway.”  Um…  “And why is he so much bigger than those other animals?”  …

I seem to have a habit of drawing lazy animals.  Why ever might that be?  Really, though – why should groundhogs have to work on their day?  Do Fathers have to work on Fathers’ day?  Does Queen Victoria have to work on Victoria day?  I think not!

colossal slacker

My love of giant squid is not a secret.  What’s there not to love?  You can imagine my excitement a few years ago when that colossal squid was caught off Antarctica (poor squid).  Well, let me tell you – it just keeps getting better in the world of abyssal gigantism!  This article was brought to my attention last week (thanks to fellow squid lover Katie), and it really cracked me up.  The razor sharp hooks on the arms and tentacles of the colossal squid had been held as evidence that the squid is a fierce hunter, but now it turns out that he probably just hangs out, lump like, waiting for his dinner to swim past.  Ha!  That is so squid.  And speaking of those tentacle hooks – did you know that they could rotate 360 degrees??  Um… awesome.