Hunca Munca


Poor Hunca Munca found a very pink dollhouse to hang out in.  This was going to be a portrait of my own dollhouse, which I became reacquainted with when Doodle found it at the cottage, but… well, it became pink and plastic and pretty darn ugly instead.  I also didn’t mean to have a mouse inhabiting the attic, but at least I know where she came from.  Out of the set of Beatrix Potter books, Doodle’s current favourite is Two Bad Mice.  Wait a minute… I did clean some very mousy looking stuff out of the attic of my dollhouse last summer!  I forgot about that.  They’re probably in there right now!  I’m okay with that, as long as they don’t chew anything up.  Years ago, a mouse chewed Chip‘s face off.  Seriously – just his face.  Not cool.