old man miller

Doodle’s favourite band is The Terrible Twos, and we’ve had very little else playing since we got their new album a few weeks ago (it’s awesome – get it and this one).  In fact, we rarely make it past the first song, since Doodle starts asking for Old Man Miller again before it’s even over (check out the sweet dancing on that video!).  Despite the line “Old Man Miller was a porcupine,” the title character does not actually seem to be a porcupine, but, still, the image remains, and I decided to stop fighting the inevitable and draw a porcupine this week.  Doodle is thrilled.

meanwhile, in suite 236…


You just know that armadillos can do wicked backspins. This drawing is kind of a sequel to the HoJo hoedown. It, too, started out as a sketch in my lecture notes. In fact, I had to (digitally) white out some handwriting and the lines from the paper. I coloured this on my laptop and saw nice, mellow colours, but am now looking at it on another monitor and find the colours to be rather garish. I wonder what everyone else sees.

hoedown at the hojo’s


This drawing started out as a quick sketch in my lecture notes (bad student).  I end up thinking about dogs a lot when my mind wanders (did I mention… bad student?).  After I finished it, the background colours reminded me of Howard Johnson’s.  By the time I remembered that HoJo’s is orange and blue, the name had already stuck.