Janus senses change


I was checking out my shop the other day and decided that my old shop banner just isn’t cutting it anymore.  Yeah, I know, everyone loves an aye aye, right?  While this is true, I still think I’m ready for a change after almost a year.  So, this week I offer up a drawing of Doodle and Hoob which may or may not end up being incorporated into a new shop banner.

I drew this picture before naming it (as usual), and, although it immediately reminded me of Janus, I’ve only just noticed how appropriate the connection is to our current situation.  This January brings not only a new year, but also a new baby into our lives.  Poor Doodle and Hoob will have a lot to deal with.  Perhaps we should get on with some invoking.

a puffy rat-dog is still a rat-dog


I have long recognised and preached the essential dogginess, and, therefore, awesomeness, of all dogs (other than scary breeds, but that’s another story). This does not change the fact, however, that some dogs have the misfortune of having been born ratesque. And then their owners do things like dress them up and give them condescending and/or ironic names, furthering their plight. Poor things.

hoedown at the hojo’s


This drawing started out as a quick sketch in my lecture notes (bad student).  I end up thinking about dogs a lot when my mind wanders (did I mention… bad student?).  After I finished it, the background colours reminded me of Howard Johnson’s.  By the time I remembered that HoJo’s is orange and blue, the name had already stuck.