in plain sight

When I started this drawing, I was convinced that a sloth walking around (slowly) with people would be wearing a watch cap.  It was so obvious to me that I was sure I had seen it somewhere else.  After various image searches yielded zero becapped sloths, I finally figured out what I had done.  So… you know that beach scene at the end of The Goonies?  Stay with me here… Sloth is standing with Chunk (naturally, seeing as how Sloth loves Chunk), and Chunk (along with the rest of the Goonies) is wearing a police watch cap.  Yeah.  At least now I know that I’m still interpreting information through a Goonies filter.  This could explain a lot.

My image searching led to yet another shocking revelation.  In the world of sloth art/love (it’s a thing), the three-toed sloth gets a vastly disproportionate amount of attention.  Team two-toed sloth repreSEEEENT!