new tenants


So, I guess it’s not so springy in other parts of the country today, but it’s getting pretty springy around here.  I hear birds outside every morning now, while I’m stuck in bed feeding a squirmy baby who doesn’t think she wants to wake up, but is very happy when she finally does.  My parents have a big bird condo in their garden (the bird house is big… it is not for big bird(s)).  It has about eight units, and they’re always occupied, as evidenced by the grass/leaves/twigs sticking out of the holes.  The bird condo is up on a pole like these ones.  They’ve had less success with the tree/fence mounted variety.  A squirrel chewed at the hole on one of them until it was big enough for him to move in, and another became a bee hive (um, not to say that poles dissuade bees…).



Eggs.  I would like to say that these eggs were inspired by our impending spring (no, really… it’s coming, right?), but, truthfully, I started an egg drawing that this one evolved from while I was actually in labour last month and contemplating all things reproductive.  I had eggs on the brain again this week as I wondered if Cadbury Creme Eggs are in the stores for Easter yet.  I briefly considered making one of these eggs a Creme Egg, but figured that, just maybe, not everyone shares my enthusiasm for fondant.  As a kid, the only Creme Egg I had each year was in my Easter basket.  Oh, the wonders of being an adult.  Speaking of Easter – I think I’ll make this drawing into an Easter card for my shop.