sick day

I vaguely remember a time when being sick was actually kind of fun.  Being forced to slow down a bit, relax, sleep in, eat comfort food… wait – that sounds really fun.  Anyway, being sick with two little kids at home is no fun at all, especially when they’re sick, too.  I want a sick day.

how do they know?


If it weren’t already painfully obvious that watching the bird feeder is prime entertainment in my household, I guess it is now.  Seriously, though – does there exist some kind of bird/squirrel 6th sense involving newly-filled birdfeeders?  I imagine this being one in a series of drawings documenting a knock-down-drag-out over the contents of the feeder.  I’ll put my money on the crows.

solstice celebration


Happy winter solstice!  I had nothing going on in the idea department this week, so here is a husband-suggested drawing.  We finally got a nice layer of snow to hibernate under here in New England – just in time!  

The other day I had 37 crows in my backyard at once!  The squirrels looked on from a distance.

new drawings, familiar faces


Welcome to the new and improved Doodle and Hoob!  The link images for my new front page took up so much time this week, I didn’t do my regular Sunday drawing.  Instead, here are larger versions of the links for you to peruse.  

I actually drew this first one a couple of weeks ago, before I drew “endgame …”  Maybe it’s the same guy – who some of you have assumed is my husband.  I guess I see the resemblance.  Whoever he is, he must be pretty secure in his masculinity to hang out with so many bears.  Any guesses on what the bear is saying?


I apologize for the extra click to get to the blog, now.  For those of you with severe cases of impatience/carpal tunnel, you can always just bookmark this page.  This drawing was inspired by the seriously dorky cool Moleskine flickr groups.  

Don’t bother trying to read my “Latin” (you know you want to).  It’s just Lorem ipsum.


Woodland creatures dig my stuff.  Or maybe they’re just freaking themselves out contemplating the horrors of formaldehyde.  

Check out my shop to see the new banner I made using last week’s drawing.

I love how you’re not allowed to smile in passport pictures.  I got Doodle’s passport when he was just about a year old.  It took at least a half an hour to get the shot because he wouldn’t close his mouth!  

Now that I have a nice new link to my “about me” page, I really need to update my info and picture…  Maybe next week.

winner of the costume contest

I have the bad habit of assuming that everything from my childhood is kind of universal to all childhoods.  Since moving to the States, I’ve found myself blabbing away to completely blank stares more than I wish to admit.  Apparently, sticking maple keys on the bridge of one’s nose is not, in fact, universal (believe it or not).  And, I was surprised to find that the term “maple key” is not necessarily known (they’re also called “helicopters,” “whirligigs,” “polynoses (??),”  and, more technically, “samaras,” btw).  Huh.  While I’m at it, might I complain about Americans not really having a suitable word for “touque/toque/tuque“?  What’s that all about?

PS – I have no idea what kind of creature this is.

heat wave

Sorry for the lack of post last night.  I actually forgot it was Sunday until it was too late, probably because I felt a lot like this squirrel looks.  But less smiling.  And more moaning.  I’m not a big fan of the heat.  If it must be hot, then I must be in the breezy shade beside a lake or, preferably, in the lake.  But I’m not anywhere near my favourite lake, so moaning works, too.

I just noticed that the straw in this squirrel’s lemonade is not visible through the glass, and is clearly at the wrong angle, but it’s too hot to fix it.

squirrels do not need coffee

So, as I mentioned on Sunday, I recently had a request for some more squirrels.  This one’s for you, Ygia.  This squirrel knows how to start his day – with a coffee and the comics.  I used to read the comics every day, and still do when visiting my parents.  I guess I read a couple of webcomics every day or so, but it’s just not the same.  For me, at least, part of the joy of reading the comics in the paper is reading the really bad comics and then complaining loudly to whomever will listen about how incredibly dumb it is.  Notice, for instance, that this squirrel seems to be enjoying the Family Circus.  You know he isn’t finding it genuinely funny, but is actually amazed that Dolly has managed, yet again, to impart some inane, mis-worded advice to poor PJ, or that Billy is still leaving those stupid dotted lines everywhere he goes, or that Jeffy is still blaming Not Me, or whatever.

Anyway, all this comic talk has distracted me from the real issue at hand: squirrels do not need coffee.  Seriously.  If the squirrels in my yard were any more hyper, I think my dog (Hoob) would have a heart attack.  This squirrel, however, was obviously in need of an empty coffee can.  So you can’t blame him for not wanting to waste it.