Hunca Munca


Poor Hunca Munca found a very pink dollhouse to hang out in.  This was going to be a portrait of my own dollhouse, which I became reacquainted with when Doodle found it at the cottage, but… well, it became pink and plastic and pretty darn ugly instead.  I also didn’t mean to have a mouse inhabiting the attic, but at least I know where she came from.  Out of the set of Beatrix Potter books, Doodle’s current favourite is Two Bad Mice.  Wait a minute… I did clean some very mousy looking stuff out of the attic of my dollhouse last summer!  I forgot about that.  They’re probably in there right now!  I’m okay with that, as long as they don’t chew anything up.  Years ago, a mouse chewed Chip‘s face off.  Seriously – just his face.  Not cool.

a place for everything


While looking at my new galleries last week, I thought that the three “Shelves and Cabinets” drawings looked kind of lonely, so I decided to add to their ranks.  There is something very satisfying about well-organised kid stuff.  So far, we’ve managed to avoid the “more kid stuff than you have space for” trap, even in our little apartment (the same cannot be said for our grown-up stuff), so all of Doodle’s toys, etc., actually go to the proper place before bedtime.  Luckily, Doodle is still young enough to think that this is an okay game, too.

PS – Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!  I hope you enjoy your turkey/tofurky, football, parade… and then that freaky shopping thing you do on Friday.  Don’t get hurt.