old man miller

Doodle’s favourite band is The Terrible Twos, and we’ve had very little else playing since we got their new album a few weeks ago (it’s awesome – get it and this one).  In fact, we rarely make it past the first song, since Doodle starts asking for Old Man Miller again before it’s even over (check out the sweet dancing on that video!).  Despite the line “Old Man Miller was a porcupine,” the title character does not actually seem to be a porcupine, but, still, the image remains, and I decided to stop fighting the inevitable and draw a porcupine this week.  Doodle is thrilled.

real life drop out

Oh! Yesterday was Sunday again? I may or may not have been so wrapped up in The Two Coreys that I didn’t even notice. The drama! I also might have been distracted by the fact that it is mid-summer and I have yet to swim in a lake, paddle a canoe, sleep on a verandah, or even lay eyes on a bat. Not acceptable. So, I think Doodle, Hoob, and I are going to make a run for the border and stay at the cottage (aka my favourite place in the world) for the rest of the summer. Posts will, hopefully, resume from there.

murder in the backyard


The day I drew this picture, there were at least a dozen crows in our backyard. They were strutting around, scaring off the squirrels, and just generally being intimidating. Doodle has been trying to say “crow” all week, I think. It sounds suspiciously like his words for “car” and “cookie,” though, so I’m not sure if he’s really trying to say “crow,” or if the crows have gotten to him and are using him in an attempt to procure treats and transportation.

aw, nuts!


I know, dumb name. Amy Poehler has some SNL character who says that and I can’t get it out of my head. Those of you who have visted my new Etsy shop, or those of you visiting from it (hi!) will recognise this squirrel. He was actually a super quick sketch that I did when I first got my new tablet last year. I came across him recently and thought he was funny, so I gave him a background and something to live for. Doodle and I have been doing a lot of squirrel watching lately (a fascination we inherited from my dad). Mostly, we admire the acrobatic prowess displayed in their attempts to completely empty our bird feeder every day. Those guys are nuts.