some hearts and uh…

Since Doodle was completely unhelpful with his request for “lovely” valentines, I took it upon myself to determine what the 4-year-old set might like to see on their valentines this year. I figured that robots and dinosaurs are always safe, even if I was a little self indulgent with my dinosaur selection (euoplocephalus is a personal fav).  As Doodle cut the cards apart with a paper trimmer and wrote his name on each, I started to feel a little apprehensive about these cards mingling with the others in those paper plate and yarn heart mailboxes.  What will Hannah Montana say?  Will the Transformers laugh?  Wait!  Our cards aren’t cool enough!  Oh, the stress of being the mother of a junior kindergartener!

When I was in primary school, in addition to valentines, every kid used to bring in enough treats for each kid in the class.  That’s a lot of red-frosted sugar cookies.  I assume that the plan was for the kids to take the majority of the treats home, BUT, no one was actually watching to make sure that we didn’t eat them all right then and there, at the Valentines Day party in class.  So, in grade 4, I did, in fact, eat all of my treats at school and then, since V-day landed on a Friday that year, I headed to my friend’s house for a sleepover.  Her family had just moved into their freshly-built house and I was very proud to be the first person to ever throw up in it.  I should probably drop by some time and let the new owners know.  People enjoy hearing about the history of their houses, right?

spread the love

Doodle has to take valentines in for all of his classmates, so I asked him what he might like on his cards.  After some careful consideration he said “Well… valentines are lovely… so maybe some hearts.”

That seems reasonable.  So, here is a lovely elephant spewing forth lovely hearts.  Lovesick perhaps?  Maybe he just ate too many profiteroles (which are lovely, no?).

Assigning Valentine’s Day cards to my classmates was a colossal and stressful endeavor for me.  I spent hours ensuring that the message and image on the card matched my feelings for and intentions toward its recipient.  Luckily, there were always plenty of “let’s be friends” cards in each pack.