winner of the costume contest

I have the bad habit of assuming that everything from my childhood is kind of universal to all childhoods.  Since moving to the States, I’ve found myself blabbing away to completely blank stares more than I wish to admit.  Apparently, sticking maple keys on the bridge of one’s nose is not, in fact, universal (believe it or not).  And, I was surprised to find that the term “maple key” is not necessarily known (they’re also called “helicopters,” “whirligigs,” “polynoses (??),”  and, more technically, “samaras,” btw).  Huh.  While I’m at it, might I complain about Americans not really having a suitable word for “touque/toque/tuque“?  What’s that all about?

PS – I have no idea what kind of creature this is.

segway tour

Woodland creatures? Check. Segways? Check. Okay, it looks like I have my coolness quotient filled for today.

This drawing was influenced by two separate experiences that my husband had (sometimes you have to live vicariously when you have a toddler). A few months ago, he saw a Yalie bootin’ around campus on his Segway, protecting himself from the rain with a big umbrella. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen someone using a Segway for personal, rather than tour-related, use (other than Gob, obviously). Then, just today, my husband rode in the 42 mile Five Boro Bike Tour along with 29,999 others through the traffic-free streets of NYC. I couldn’t really fit 30,000 woodland creatures on Segways in my drawing, but that would be cool. I’m pretty sure no one would want to be behind the skunk, though.

I’ll be out of town for a conference next weekend, so, unless I’m really on top of my game, which I won’t be, my next post will be a couple of days late. I figured I’d give fair warning so that all the D&H fans out there don’t spontaneously riot or something.